Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ohio Wines VIP?

The Ohio Wines VIP (Visitor’s Incentive Program) is designed to reward you for visiting Ohio’s nearly 200 wineries. For each participating winery you visit, you will collect a ticket and receive the following points for each individual visit to that winery throughout the year. You may only enter one ticket code per individual winery per day.

First Visit = 500 points
Visits 2-10 = 100 points each visit
Visits 11+ = 10 points each visit

How do I know how many Ohio Wines VIP points I have?

You can view your point balance anytime by logging into the site's My Account page.

When do my Ohio Wines VIP points expire?

Participants will be given 60 days notice prior to the expiration of points.

What can I receive with my Ohio Wines VIP points?

Your Ohio Wines VIP points can be redeemed for the rewards located on the catalog page. Ohio Wines VIP points and rewards have no cash value.